Cory Seeger

Cory Seeger is the current Owner of Seeger’s Sandbar at White Sands Volleyball Courts (WSVC).

Cory first became involved in volleyball 10+ years ago. He started playing at Coconut Beach in Kenner, LA. Through the years he has played in many leagues and tournaments at many different volleyball complexes.

Cory has also been in the service industry for the past 20+ years of his life. He has bartended across New Orleans, including at Masquerade in Harrah’s Casino, Aprés Lounge, Red Eye Grill, and more. Although he loved what he did, his dream was to one day own his own bar.

In 2017, Bruce White offered him the chance of a lifetime, combining the 2 things he loved most in the world: bartending and volleyball. Through this opportunity, Cory then became the owner and founder of Seeger’s Sandbar Bar & Grill.

Since 2018, Cory Seeger has spent his time trying to provide the best family-friendly, chill, upbeat environment for the volleyball community and the community surrounding the complex.

On May 26, 2023 Bruce White officially decided to retire… with that, passing down the torch to Cory. Cory became the official Owner of White Sands Volleyball Complex beginning the Summer League Season of 2023.

He continues to strive everyday to make Seeger’s Sandbar at White Sands Volleyball Complex a place where people can enjoy, relax, and have the time of their lives.