Bruce White, the founder of Louisiana Outdoor Volleyball Association (LOVA), opened the original White Sands Volleyball Courts on March 16th, 2014. We started with two nets and for our first league we filled both nets with 16 teams a night.  June 17th, 2014 we opened four additional nets for our Summer league, and had 142 teams. Fall League was 168 teams, White Sands had more Volleyball teams than any complex in the greater New Orleans area.

In 2015, LOVA hosted 21-weekend tournaments. The Qualifying event for the Assics World Series of Beach Volleyball in June and the Gulf Coast Championship in July.

LOVA has sanctioned over 744 events at complexes along the Gulf Coast since the first volleyball tournament in April 1980. To-date we have helped raise over $1,150,000.00 for charity.

LOVA has hosted national, professional tournaments such as the AVP Tour, DeKyper/Playboy Tour, Coors Light WPVA Tour, Bud Light 4 Men & Women Tour, Planet Spike, Serve it Up, Spalding Gold Tour, Corona Wide Open Tour, AAU National Jr. Beach Doubles Championship and the Misty May Tour.

During the past 27 years 24,700 six-person volleyball teams have competed in the leagues at LOVA complexes.

On May 26, 2023, Bruce White officially retired as the Owner and Manager of White Sands. As he hung up his boots, he passed the torch down to the new owner and manager, Cory Seeger.

Cory Seeger is the owner and founder of Seeger’s Sandbar, the bar and grill at White Sands. Cory opened Seeger’s Sandbar Bar & Grill in 2018. He has been a dedicated volleyball player and member of the volleyball community in Southeast Louisiana for the past 15+ years.


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